My Style - Thomas Jackson Photography

In case you only read the first line of this, then here goes - I create awesome wedding photography, that makes you look your best, that makes your venue look amazing and that doesn't annoy your Grandma! 

My style, if I had to pin it down, would be 'documentary', but everyone else is saying that at the moment, so you're probably wondering what makes me different. I've been shooting reportage (the posh term for documentary photography) since the beginning of my career, and well before it was 'cool'. I'll tell the story of your wedding day, without detracting from it, and without getting in the way. Any requested formal group photos are taken care of with minimal fuss, and as quickly as possible, but where I shine is in documenting your wedding - the smiles, tears and laughter which tell the real story. 

I can only do this when you feel comfortable having me around. With ten years of experience and over 500 weddings photographed, I've learned how to blend in, and many couples have remarked that they 'forgot I was there'. My aim is for you to look back at your wedding album in 30 years time, and be taken right back to your big day. 

Oh, and don't worry. No one likes having their photo taken really. I get it. I'll hide your wobbly bits and photoshop your double chin, you don't even need to ask ;)

Give me a call on 07525 631 027, or drop me an email ( to chat about your wedding. 

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