About - Thomas Jackson Photography

I do things a little differently to most wedding photographers. Rather than try to drain every possible penny from your wedding budget, by telling you that you need to spend an absolute fortune or you'll regret your decision, I try to offer a package that encompasses everything you could need from a photographer, at a price which means you can spend a little extra on making your wedding venue look even more gorgeous, which in turn makes my job of photographing it easier. 

I will work with you to ensure your wedding photography is tailored to you and to your needs, guiding and advising where required, and ultimately ensuring that your wedding album is something you treasure for the rest of your life. My goal is that when you open up the box and look back through your album in 30 years time, you get the same tingle as when you first walked down the aisle.

My prices, whilst lower than many photographers, are not ‘cheap’, but you’re paying not only for my skills on the day, but also for ten years of experience as a wedding photographer, dealing with just about every situation which can possibly arise, from torrential rainstorms, to flower-girl tantrums, to broken down wedding cars and the rest. Throughout your wedding day I’ll be on hand for anything you need, and I’ll also make sure you get an album-full of absolutely fantastic photos.

My goal is for you to think of me less of a wedding supplier, and more as your friend with a camera.

Give me a call on 07525 631 027, or drop me an email (tmjackson@gmail.com) if you'd like to chat about your wedding. 

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