Back in October 2017, I was tasked with photographing the very first wedding at the then brand new Wylam Brewery venue, in Exhibition Park, Newcastle. I really couldn't have been more excited. It's not every day that as a photographer you get to cover the first wedding in a new venue, so I was honestly counting down the days to this job. 

Of course, photographing a brand new wedding venue is a challenge in itself - you've nothing to refer to for inspiration or guidance, and there's a certain responsibility to the venue itself to make it look fantastic. A few preparatory visits, however, and I was confident we would be able to create a set of images that did this magnificent venue justice, and more importantly, gave Gina and Kevin a wedding album that they could treasure for years. 

The weather on the day could not have been better. A beautiful, crisp October day, which was chilly but beautifully lit. Perfect photography weather if I'm honest. Coupled with a bride and groom who seemed so wonderfully natural in front of the camera, it really wasn't a difficult job at all. 

Since then, I've shot countless weddings at Wylam Brewery, and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. If you're considering it as your wedding venue, I would recommend getting booked in - they're pretty popular these days. 

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