We're going all the way back to June 2018 for today's post, and a look back at Natasha and Matt's wonderful wedding at Ellingham Hall. North of Alnwick, Ellingham Hall is a venue that is close to my heart, having photographed many weddings there over the years. The setting, the venue and the staff all have a habit of coming together and making wedding days magical. 

The wedding itself took place at the nearby Church of St. Maurice. St. Maurice's was built in 1862 and is a grade 2 listed building, featuring some impressive stained glass, and a beautifully carved wooden screen and altar which were created by parishioners, so it's safe to say it's a pretty wonderful place to say your vows. 

After getting ready at Ellingham Hall, Natasha made the short journey to the church in a gorgeous horse-drawn carriage (which is pretty much the easiest way to get there, given the church is down quite a rough road and vehicle access is tightly  restricted). 

A beautiful ceremony followed, with family and friends in full voice for the hymns, and Matt's beaming smile proving to be infectious. Part of the joy of photographing weddings for a living is seeing moments of unbridled happiness on regular basis. It's a wonderful way to earn a living. 

After the ceremony, and a few photographs with family and friends, we headed back to the Hall to continue the celebrations. What Matt didn't know was the Natasha had been taking dance lessons, and at the start of the evening festivities, she performed with a dance troupe for Matt, and created one of the most wonderful surprises I've seen in my wedding photography career. 

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